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Local museums take backseat to smaller art galleries, shows

Tyler has a number of events, programs

and organizations that work to help raise

awareness of local art.

Places like Café Tazza on Old Bullard

Road display art every Thursday, and there

are countless numbers of art showings around

Tyler Junior College and downtown Tyler.

“I’m surprised at how well represented

local art is here,” Carla Yaw, an arts major at

TJC, said. “It really brings out the talent in

the area.”

Art showings for unknown artists are becoming

more common in Tyler. For example,

the Underground Art Show will be on May

2 at 7 p.m. It is taking place on the corner

of College Street and Erwin Street on the

downtown square.

Supposedly this popularity can’t be

claimed by the museums in the area, which

bring in art from across the country and from

different time periods, such as the Tyler Museum

of Art on campus.

“It’s unfortunate not enough people get

out to see them,” Chris Stewart, art department

chair and instructor, said. “I’m always

dismayed that we have students that don’t

even know about the museum on campus.

There’s just a lack of interest in the population.”


hile local art in Tyler gets plenty of attention,

it’s the museums of East Texas that

apparently don’t get much recognition or


Museums, such as the Museum of East

Texas, are museums that even some Tyler art

students don’t know about.

The Longview Museum of Fine Arts

boasts a large number of art galleries as well

as a sculpture garden, with plenty of art walks

and events over the summer.

The reason for the lack of popularity

could be contributed to students being busy

with work or their studies and not being able

to take the time to see these museums.

“I would love to be able to go to as many

museums around here as I can,” Art Major

Alexandria Hobbs said. “But I’ve just been so

busy with school that I haven’t had the time.”

Students who are part of the Art Club

usually get to take a trip to the Dallas Museum

of Art, which holds art from around the

world, including an exhibit on King Tut, but

students who are not club members have to

go to the museum on their own, which can be

a hassle for some.

“It’s mainly transportation and cost,”

Carla Yaw said. “You have to drive all the way

out to the museum, go through traffic, and

then pay to get in.”

Each museum has a Web site so that

people may research what is at the museums

before they make the trip.

“I hope the students will take in consideration

the museums in the area,” Stewart said.

“We need to support art in any way possible.”

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