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Looking to win it all

The Apaches were 9-6 in March bringing their record to 23-19 overall, As of press time, they were ranked #9 in the National Junior College Athletics Association Division III Baseball poll.

The Apaches recently took their first sweep of the year against the Brookhaven Bears winning 5-3, 10-1 and 8-2.

The conference is getting tighter by the day. The outcome of just a couple games can rearrange the top five places.

The Apaches suffered in the first half of the season as 12 players served suspensions.

“Even though we won a championship last year the expectations of the behavior off the field have not changed,” said Head Coach John Groth. “We are not as good as a team without those guys in uniform, but I am proud how they took it.”

“We just have to win the series,” said Groth. “There are four series left and if we win all four we are for sure in.”

Catcher Kegan Johnson from Rowlett transferred in this semester started the season on the bench, but becoming a starter in early March inspired him to improve himself for the better of the team. Johnson started going to practice early and staying later so he could show his teammates he’s the right guy for the job.

“Right now we are playing good baseball,” said Johnson, “I do believe we have chance to win it all.”

“Defense is a crucial part of baseball, and I would say it is an area we need to improve in,” said Johnson. “We could win all three instead of two out of three in our series if we improved on short game and defense.”

Freshman third baseman Jordan Vierra from Georgetown is one of the few freshmen to be starting on a defending championship team.

“My expectations are the same as the team had last season just want to win it all,” said Vierra. “There is no pressure. We just got to take it one day at a time. Good Lord willing things will work out.”

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