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Love:Is it just a fairytale?

In a society where the majority of people spend their time glued to their phones, it’s no wonder how difficult meeting others is. More and more are turning to forums such as online dating to meet other singles. It is estimated there are 54 million single people in the U.S. Out of those 54 million, 40 million have tried online dating.

“Considering how the world is progressively becoming more digitalized, it seems like it is the next logical step,” said Andrew Griffin, sophomore majoring in Psychology at Tyler Junior College.Online dating

With all of the new apps, high-tech gadgets and social networking sites out there, meeting someone online seems to be the only option.

Online dating is worldwide. This offers the ability to reach out to different towns, states and even different countries. Connections can be made all over the globe. Zach Parrish, a member of PlentyofFish.com, said that the main reason he signed up on online dating was because he became tired of meeting all the same kinds of girls in the Tyler area. Online dating was the next thing he could think of to meet people outside of Tyler.

Parrish has been a member of PlentyofFish.com for two months now, and although he has not had a successful relationship spark from it, he has met three or four of his closest friends through it.

Trusting the person on the other side of the screen to be completely honest about whom they are may be an issue. Placing a disadvantage to online dating users to know the truth about the person’s actual appearance, personality and mannerism.

“The fact that you can’t see them and don’t know who they are is kind of weird. I’d like to see them face-to-face,” said Nychelle Pryor, a graphic design and photography major.

Sometimes, it may even feel like the other person doesn’t exist. In Manti Te’o’s case, this was actually the truth. The star Notre Dame linebacker was in a relationship for a year with a woman he had never even met and who allegedly died of leukemia after a near-fatal car wreck. In reality, however, she never existed.

Parrish’s approach to the trust issue is straightforward and simple.

“Just be truthful to yourself,” he said. “As long as you’re truthful and they’re not, they end up being the bad person.”

Men lie about their age, height and income, while women lie about their weight, physical build and age the most, according to Statisticbrain.com. There is always the danger of meeting someone, who is not being honest. On the other hand, the same can be said about meeting someone in person.

“Everybody lies. The only variable is about what,” said Griffin.

It may be scary to put yourself out there with online dating. However, a person can have time to think before responding.

“You don’t have that awkward silence moment when you don’t know what to say,” said Parrish.

With the increased dependency on technology, online dating may eventually become the only way to date. As statistics show our nation  is slowly creeping toward it. Many people are embarrassed to say they met online, but countless marriages have already sprung from dating websites and will continue to do so.

“You can’t really knock something that you haven’t tried,” Pryor said.

No one can be sure when or where he or she will meet the love of his or her life. Online dating might just be the thing.

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