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Meet the Browns, a Family on the Same Career Path

TJC has always been known for it’s unique and diverse students on campus. Among these ambitious students is the Browns family, who are all currently in the TJC nursing program together. Meet Christiana (daughter), Joshua (son), and their mother Lisa Brown.

The story began when Christiana was searching for A&P classes to take. At that time she was attending another school and decided to ask around for a good professor. She was then referred to a professor who had just moved to TJC.

”Well, if he is the best, I might have to skip across county lines and go apply at TJC”, said Christiana after being advised.

At that time Joshua was taking classes with two of his brothers who decided to join the military. Their decision left Joshua with the need of a ride to school. Joshua, who heard great things from Christiana about furthering her education, decided to ask his mom to take classes with him.

“Mama first was like, ‘No that’s crazy!’ but then it just kind of flowed and happened perfectly” ,said Joshua.

“We had home-schooled for a lot of years, all of the children. I just thought you know when the last one is done, I was just going to stop and travel and decompress. But when he (Joshua) put that challenge before me I had to take a deep breath and think about it..” Said Lisa, about how her journey began. “As we began taking A&P courses together the next progression was let’s do this together with Christiana. So we just decided to do it as a team, because we can help each other to succeed.”

All of them agreed that the instructors on campus were genuine at heart and allowed them to be pulled in more with ease.

”Yes they’re educators, but if you dig deeper you can really see the goal that resides in them as people.. That’s what makes it great.. All of them, just tremendous” said Lisa. “I’ve gone to college before and I didn’t have that kind of interest taken in me as a student. So as I’ve gotten older you learn to see that and it has great value.”

”The best teachers I’ve had, besides my mom of course” ,said Joshua.

They all agree that nursing is their way of reaching out to people in need. To be a blessing in others lives.

In the future Christiana wants to transfer, Joshua is weighing the options as he finishes the program he’s in now, and Lisa would like to go on medical missions.

Lisa said. ”Where ever God is directing my path I’m going, but also my family is my first heart.”








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