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Meet the Editor: Anna Graves, Digital Content Manager

Hi! My name is Anna Graves. I’m The DrumBeat’s digital content manager. That’s basically a fancier title than saying online editor. I manage the social media for The DrumBeat, publish stories on our website, and keep it up to date, as well as as keep up a YouTube presence. I’ll sometimes write stories for the newspaper too, like the one you’re reading now. It’s usually about more important stuff, though.

This is my third semester being a part of TJC student media, and my second semester as online editor. I love the work here. It’s given lots of great learning opportunists!

I am majoring in broadcast journalism and mass communications. Recently I got a job at CBS19 as video editor.

I was born and raised here in Tyler, Texas. My favorite things include country music, filmmaking, anything within my major of course, and theatrical sword fighting.

Yeah, you heard that right — sword fighting. I’ll admit, I’m a nerd. Stage combat and acting is something I’ve done for at least eight years now. More stage fighting than actual acting, but that’s beside the point.

My hope for this semester is that I grow even more in my journalism skills, and learn a lot through my experiences. And get good grades in all my classes too.

I hope that whoever is reading this has a great semester as well!

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