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Men’s basketball team looking for victory in the upcoming season

The start of the season means starting all over again with news players and new challenges.

The Robert Pack Classic is right around the corner and these young men are learning quickly how to adapt to a new season and team.

With the record of 25-2 and 19-2 Region XIV, they have a lot to do to retain their title back in conference.

“We lost five or six players, physically as a team we will be able to replace them this year,” said Coach Mike Marquis.

For most incoming players it’s hard to adjust to college basketball from high school.

“It’s different. It’s a much faster tempo, you have to be ready to take it another level,” said Alan Branch, sophomore shooting guard.

While basketball is not the only issue they must obtain but academics as well.

“If you don’t handle it there you can’t do anywhere else,” said Alan Branch.

Academies are a part of how the coaches decide on incoming freshman and the sophomores they keep on scholarship every season.

“Academic, citizenship and ability is what our program is noted nationally for,” Coach Marquis.

With school beginning, so are the practices for the athletes.

With the starting season there are a lot of standards to up hold from last year’s conference victory.

“We got another shot at conference and we got three or four returners back, we know what it takes to win,” said Tyler Jefferson, sophomore power forward.

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