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Men’s team ready for season sequel

As the spring semester begins, the second half of Tyler Junior College Men’s Basketball teams season kicks into high gear. The men started the semester with a winning record of 10 wins and 4 losses, and continue to improve with standing at 13 wins and 6 losses.”I’m proud of the guys. They started off great, and they came back from the Christmas break and continue to work hard at what they do,” said Head Coach Mike Marquis.Coming back from the break, the team pulled a major upset against San Jacinto College-Central, who is the number five team in the country.”This was big for the team. It showed that no matter who we play that we’ll go out there and give it our all until the game is over,” said sophomore forward Kyle Ford. The team beat San Jacinto 91 to 77 improving their record to 11 wins and 4 losses.”The win against San Jacinto was great for the team, but we must not let it go to our head. We are still going to continue to work as hard as we did before so that we can finish the season knowing whatever our outcome is that we gave it our best,” said Marquis.Starting February, the team will play against rivals like Blinn College and Trinity Valley Community College. “I love playing against rivals because it’s always a fun game and both teams are going to work harder to try to come out with the win,” said sophomore guard Labree Sledge. Sledge is starting with the team for his second year and has proved himself to be a great player. With half the season gone, Marquis and the team are looking like they are one of the best teams in the conference.”We’ve come a long way in the season and still have a long way to go until we finish,” said Marquis.The team still has to finish the regular season out, to have a chance for the playoffs.

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