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New debit card provides students rapid refunds

Tyler Junior College and Higher One have joined forces to give students a choice between swiping a card, waiting in line or expecting a check in the mail for all financial reimbursements.

“The card gives students more options, and if they open a Higher One account, the money is right there,” said Business Services Controller Carol Hutson.

Conventionally colleges and universities practiced handing or mailing out checks to students, which often cost at least $20 per check. The Higher One debit card helps schools save time, money and manpower.

“Two years ago this idea was considered, and after shopping around, Higher One had the best representation. Overall they’ve been successful,” said Hutson.

Freshman Gwen Goodwin said, “I was excited to hear about the debit card.”

Not to be confused with a credit card, the Higher One card is an electronic method for students to receiverefunds faster. The account can also be linked to a student’s third party account if they have one established elsewhere.

“I think it’s a good idea for students who want to get their money and spend it right away,” said Freshman Matt Spadie.

Every registered student should receive the Higher One card in the mail. Funds will be made readily available to students that get some sort of financial assistance or who have over paid and need to be reimbursed.

For example, if a student has a scholarship and money left over, that amount will be placed on the card. Or if a student has paid for a class that’s been abolished, their refund would go on the card.

“It’s safe for students who attend school here, but are away from home because refunds can be up to thousands of dollars and it can all be put on a card instead of in the form of a check,” said Hutson.

If students feel they have no use for the card, consider the family and friends option, which allows family or friends to put money on the card.

Higher One will charge a 50-cent fee for PIN transactions. To avoid this fee, students should always select credit and sign for purchases. There are multiple new ATM machines on campus for student and visitor use. Although normal fees will apply, students with the Higher One card can use the ATM free of charge.

Sophomore Satin Scott said of the Higher One card, “You have to pay to use ATM’s off campus.”

The ATM’s on campus are located in the White Administration Building and in Pirtle Technology near the deli.

For more information regarding fees, log onto http://www.tjcdebitcard.com or http://www.learnaboutone.com. If you haven’t received your card contact Carol Hutson at 903-510-3225.

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