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New fields in the Apache Woodlands

TJC is planning to build new fields in the Apache Woodlands. The property has been owned by TJC for the past two years now.There will be three fields for softball, baseball, and intramural sports. The overall plan is to bring students into a friendly and community environment and to bring the sports of baseball and softball back to the college campus.

Dr. Juan Mejia, Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs said, “How do we have students know that they matter and are important to us?”

Mark Gartman Director of Facilities and Construction also added that it this will give students something to look forward and something to do.

”Imagine if you could walk somewhere and watch a softball game or walk somewhere and watch a baseball game, and participate in a football game, it keeps you occupied,” said Gartman.

There also places being looked at to be turned in to parking spaces in the future. As far as cost, they are still waiting for the numbers. “We’ll get the numbers soon,” said Gartman

The fields are still in the working phases. There really isn’t a definitive date as to when the fields will be finished. But as soon as they get the numbers and find the funding, construction can begin. We can count on it happening because we have really good administration, implied Dr. Mejia, he’s very optimistic about that future region. The Apache Woodlands is located close to the corner of E. Devine St. and S. Porter Ave.






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