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New graduates face tough job market

All upcoming graduates are not anticipating job hunting after graduation.

“I am almost scared to graduate,” said LaKeisha McCoy. “By the time I graduate in a year there will be less jobs available than there are now.”

McCoy is majoring in social work and is not sure where she will work after graduation.

“I have friends that graduated last fall and still can’t find a job, and they have a bachelor’s degree,” said McCoy.

Finding a job after college can be challenging, especially since the economy is struggling. According to whowhatwherewhen.com, the first few years after college can be the hardest time during adulthood.

The transition from college to the work force is challenging enough without the added stress of not being able to find work.”I’m already nervous about having to be on my own,” said Jarrell Mims, Tyler Junior College sophomore. “The thought of not being able to find a job is horrifying to me.”

Different jobs have different job placement statistics. One-hundred percent of TJC’s nursing graduates find jobs, according to Career Services, but students in other fields aren’t as lucky.

Some students have degrees but have to return to school, because they are unable to find employment. Shana Arps who received a bachelor’s degree in education in 2003 returned to TJC this spring to pursue a career in nursing.

“I have been out of college seven years and have had a hard time finding a job,” said Arps. “Hopefully I have chosen a career where I can work the day after I graduate.”

Students can do things to make themselves more marketable after graduation.

Nothing can replace experience, therefore, doing an internship while still in school or after graduation is recommended by Annie Lan, Career Services coordinator.

Placing your resume on sites such as Monster.com is also recommended, along with consulting a career counselor.

“Stay positive. If a job doesn’t open immediately, consider volunteer (work) or an entry-level position to get your feet wet,” said Lan. “It’s an opportunity to build and expand your resume.”Career Services doesn’t offer a job placement program, but it does offer other services.

“We don’t do job placement especially with the economy, it’s too much pressure…with so few jobs it’s extra challenging,” said Lan.

Career Services will help with things such as critiquing resumes and will even stage mock job interviews. Assessment tests can be taken to see what career and jobs best fit students. Career Services Office is located in Pirtle Technology Building suite 128.

“I think I’m going to try that career assessment thing. I wonder if the results will be the same as my major now,” said Mims.Mims is a business management major. After TJC he plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at Tyler.”I would hate to be in school all this time and can’t get a job,” said Mims.

Mims is not alone when it comes to having fears about being in the real world after college.

“First I have to stress the whole time I’m in college about grades,” said McCoy. “Then after college, have to worry if I can get a job…Wow.”

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