New hand-crafted beer at ETX named Dr. Fresh becomes popular in only four days

John Graves preparing ingredients to begin brewing at East Texas Micro-Brewery in Downtown Tyler.

A new hand-crafted beer was released on April 18th, at East Texas Brewery (ETX), by a one-year brewer, John Graves. Named Dr. Fresh, this beer quickly become so popular that ETX sold out its first batch in only four days.

A customer of ETX, Joshua Breedlove, describes his thoughts while tasting the beer. “Now drinking the best beer in East Texas period…Dr. Fresh pours a hazy, bright yellow with a pillow soft head. The simple act of just sitting in the glass makes my mouth water. I’m enamored at the amount of aromas released from this beer. Pungent, green and lively. Nailed it on the mouthfeel..Fresh ripe pineapple cut straight through. The dry hop provides a nice floral, green flavor profile. The finish is lovely, not too dry…” Said Breedlove.

John Graves plans on brewing another batch this week. He created the beverage entirely on his own which includes the grain bill, hops and everything in between. Dr. Fresh is a double hopped, double Indian Pale Ale (IPA).

The grain bill is a combination of different malts and grains that make of the a beer. A pale ale is a term for a light-colored beer flavored with hops, which are flowers that gives a bitter, zesty or citrus taste. The fruity flavor and its name, Dr. Fresh, fits the timing perfect as summer is soon arriving.

“It’s got flavors of stone fruit, grapefruit, peach, so Its a really, really fruity, mellow beer for a double IPA, and it clocks in at 7.6%, and I added milk sugar to it. That’s what brings the sweetness to it.” Said Graves.

The percentage tells us the alcohol by volume measurement in the beer.

Once the the next batch is out, the beverage will be rotated out of the queue until it’s rotation comes back next year around this same time.

“We’ll go through our beers seasonally throughout the year.” Said Graves.

Graves has been working in the beer industry for five years, heavily invested in the beer community. Two years ago he began home brewing. However, for only one year he has brewed professionally. Within his first year of brewing professionally, Graves has crafted, and released to the public, over five other beers. Some of those most popular beers include Citra Watermelon, Foggy Daze, Pop Tart, Merry Elfin Christmas, and Space Nachos, and of course, Dr. Fresh. His goal for the future is to find a bigger brewery to work in with a lot more production, not only to grow and gain more experience, but to fuel his passion for beer.

On top of his accomplishments within this last year, Graves plans on releasing yet another beer, an orange pale ale, on May fourth. He hopes to incorporate the theme of Star Wars, because the familiar catchphrase “May the fourth be with you” lands on that day.

Head over to East Texas Brewery on South Broadway in Tyler, on May fourth, to find out the what he calls the Orange Pale Ale on its release. And ask for a Dr.Fresh before another batch runs out.