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New lactation room on 2nd floor of RSC

By Emily Attebery

Managing Editor

Any lactating mothers that found it inconvenient walking over to the Rogers Nursing Building’s lactation room will now have a new place to use. The old clinic on the second floor of Rogers Student Center has reopened as a second lactation room. The new addition is a result of the Affordable Care Act in 2011 that held new regulations for an employer the size of TJC, with 50 or more employees.

“With our new width or breath of our campus it did basically say we needed to have a second one that was centrally located” said math Professor Jenelle Reynolds, Chair of the Instructional Support Committee for Faculty Senate.

lact roomAndrew Cantey, Assistant Director for HR Employee Relations and Compliance, helped research the regulations needed for a new room to be compliant.

“Locking door, you can’t see into it, a door with open glass wouldn’t work, open during operation” said Cantey.

Bill King, Executive Director of Facilities and Construction, and his team were in charge of locating the perfect room that was qualified. Another reason for the new room is that some mothers were found pumping milk in the restrooms, and under regulations, babies milk is supposed to be sterile.

Some of what was needed for a clean environment included “A hand wash sink with no commode, and room for a refrigerator,” said King.

Both faculty and student mothers who are lactating will be able to have access to the room via key swipe once their Apache ID’s are coded. ID’s can be coded at the Campus Police Building. Data from the key swipe will allow the police to know who is in the room for how long.

“Because of this, we can encourage new moms to come to school and not wait to be a student and a brand new mom,” said Reynolds.

The new room has hopes of being beneficial for mothers at TJC by giving them more convenience.

“It’s the professionally ethical thing to do. It gives our employees privacy and a location that is central to the main campus,” said King.

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