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New leadership programs serve students

Tyler Junior College is stepping up the pace in leadership by offering two new student organizations, Apace Chiefs and Apache Ambassadors. These two organizations consist students that don’t mind setting a good example while achieving academic excellence.

The Apace Chiefs and Apache Ambassadors are two different student participation organizations, but they share similar traits.

The Chiefs and the Ambassadors were both founded to promote leadership on and off campus and academic excellence. They offer a chance for students to show that they not only want to be a leader, but a team member working toward one common goal.

The Apache Chiefs are a new organization founded in this semester. Being a member of the Apache Chiefs qualifies students for part-time and full-time scholarships, cash rewards, meeting new people, free t-shirt for organization representation, and the chance to gain plenty of leadership experience and training.

“We are welcoming outgoing personalities that will enjoy helping us during freshman orientation and [who will] show new students our campus, and the history behind it,” said Nic Garner admissions recruiter for TJC.

Students interested in becoming apart of this organization must have a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member and maintain a 2.5 GPA. They receive a full college credit hour for participation. The application deadline has already passed, but students can sign up for next semester. Applications are located in the office of admissions in the White Administration building.

The Apache Ambassadors has been active at TJC for two years.

“This organization consists of a small intimate close group of involved students like Apace Belles, Students Senate and others, says Vincent Nguyen, student activities specialist. “This program was designed to improve the retention in recruiting, and also to help maintain a higher level of standards for education.”

To become part of the Apache Ambassadors students have to through an interview process, leadership training and voted in to become a member of this organization.

Students involved will understand the legacy and history behind TJC and be able to share it with others. The Ambassadors promote student involvement on and off campus, give campus tours in a student life perspective, and teach new students the history of our campus.

Candidates must be full time students. They must maintain a 2.0 GPA for the first year and a 2.5 GPA after that.

Royce Eller, Student Senate President and Apache Ambassador Charter member, likes being a member of this organization. He feels that instead of operating like a structured hierarchy, it operates as a round table organization. It gives everyone a chance to participate, have fun, and show what qualities they possess.

“Being a member of the Apache Ambassadors has taught me that I don’t always have to be a leader or a follower. This organization [is] built upon [not only the] respect of others, but respect for ourselves,” said Eller.

The Apache Chiefs and Apache Ambassadors welcomes student involvement. For More information on either organization, contact Nic Garner of Apache Chiefs at (903) 510-2396 or Vincent Nguyen Apache Ambassadors at (903) 510-2259.

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