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New Tier System

There is a new ‘Tier System’ for categorizing TJC organizations. This system will affect the organizations funding as well organizing the campus groups.

Lauren Tyler, Director of Student Life, elaborated on the topic of funding. “We modeled it after how it is currently funded, I think there will be very few that it will affect funding wise.”

There are currently three categories in the Tier System. Each category has it’s own specific responsibilities and privileges. For example, to be recognized as Tier Two you need at least three to five years of experience.

Some of the privileges are the right to register for a portal through OrgSync and a yearly funding request. The higher the tier, the more money you can request. A Tier Three organization can request anywhere up to $30,000.

“The Tier Three is held to the highest standard, where as Tier One organization you’re a newer organization..” Tyler said. “It doesn’t necessarily rank Tier Three as the best or Tier One as the least.”

Organizations do not have to stay in their given Tier. They may appeal their category to the Student Senate Executive Board. If granted, their status will change the following semester.

Tyler said the Apache Chiefs were a good example of an organization that appealed. Next semester they will be recognized as a Tier Three Organization.

”We want to really get some buy in from out committees to make some positive changes on campus.” Tyler said when asked about Tier Three work. “We revived the committee system and its really taken off this year with our health and safety committee and our building committee. We really want it to flourish.”

Tier Three organizations are expected to do 30 hours of community service and 10 hours of committee. Tier One are only required to serve 10 and five hours.

For information on how to start your own campus organization or to join one, speak to Lauren Tyler. If you are interested in seeing what organizations there are, go online and search ‘clubs’ on the TJC Homepage.




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