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New women’s sport making its way to campus

The addition of a women’s soccer team to Tyler Junior College’s sports line-up has left many wondering what about women’s softball.

There has been talk that TJC will be getting a new softball team. People have been wondering why TJC doesn’t have a women’s softball team. But all that is about to change in the next few years.

“TJC has been thinking about bringing this sport in for the last 10 years now,” Athletic Director Tim Drain said. “It was a project that we couldn’t start very easily like we did for women’s soccer team because we already had the land, field and locker room for them, so it really didn’t take that much. But for softball we had to first find the land to build the softball complex. Then we had to buy it, which we already have had done. If things go smoothly as planned, then it should be here at least by the year 2011.”

The building is contingent on the purchase of properties located at 1019 South Porter, 1015 South Porter, 1011 South Porter, and 1003 South Porter.

“We really don’t know how much it costs to get everything paid for, but right now the only thing we are worried about is the start up cost,” said Drain.

Tyler Junior College students thought that it was a good idea that TJC is bringing a softball team in the mist of things. Most students didn’t even know that TJC was getting a women’s softball team.

“Well it’s a win-win situation,” said TJC student Brittany Bartee. “Either way we are going to dominate in this sport. Just think girls throwing, hitting and catching balls coming at a fast rate…what can you not love about that. I’m really glad that we started a softball team.”

Baseball’s Head Coach Jon Groth also thinks it is a good thing to start-up a new sport. “I’m pretty sure that it will be the same as anything else we have at Tyler Junior College. We just started up the women’s soccer team, and it turned out to be a great choice. But it’s always fun to start up something from scratch. I’m really glad that we are making another contribution to the school because it gives more opportunities to the kids that we have coming here at TJC. I’m happy for the coach who will be coaching for this new coming team that we will be having in a couple of years.”

With the addition of women’s softball, it will help bring more to TJC. Not just for the school, but for the student athletes that comes from all around the nation to be part of this new activity.

For more information contact Athletic Director Tim Drain at (903)-510-2320 or e-mail him at tdra@tjc.edu.

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