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Not the First. Not the Last.

Florida, Kentucky, California, Maryland are just some of the states that had been through tragedy with shooting in high school occurring.

In 2018, multiple high school shootings have happen. It seems a little shocking for many, but let’s not forget, in 2017 nine different incident of shootings in high school occurred, and 15 incidents in 2016.

Our last incident in Florida has caught a lot of attention since it had the most deaths in incidents that happened in the past half a decade.

Nikolas Cruz, a former student of a high school in Florida, caused 17 deaths and 14 injuries.

Cruz pulled the fire alarm of the school, and while the students were running away the took advantage and shot.

Cruz was expelled from the school due to disciplinary actions months before. He was constantly in trouble, and was even identified as a potential threat to his classmates last year.

Cruz’s mom past away due to the flu and pneumonia, and he was living with a friend since then. Cruz also posted on social media pictures of guns and threatening to attack people on several occasions.

This particular incident has caused a lot of reactions from different people around the country. One of the survivors of the shooting, Emma Gonzalez, high school senior was part of a rally in Fort Lauderdale, just two days after the shooting.

In this anti-gun rally, Gonzalez expressed her wishes about making this shooting, the last mass shooting in the United States.

This incident has also cause the National Rifle Association to loose relationships with dozens of businesses that supported them prior the shooting.

As expected, President Trump, gave his opinion to the country in a way that only he could do, calling “disgusting” and “a disgrace” to the sheriff’s deputies on Florida.

President Trump, also proposed the idea of having a permit for teachers to carry a gun in order to protect the students.

There is tons of criticism on Broward County Sheriff, asking to resign after several of his deputies failed to engage Cruz during the shooting.

This incident will have a lot of impact on this country. And with a lot of attention country-wide, a change can should be made so these incidents don’t happen again, regardless of the setting.

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