Written by Belen Casillas
Editor-in-Chief Fall 2012
Tax Paul to pay for Peter is the motto our government has grasped recently. Complete co-dependence on a higher human authority will create an unhealthy unstable nation. Why can’t we seem to understand that?
     Look at North Korea, a perfect example of a ruler, Kim Jong Un, so powerful who has alienated his nation away from freedom and driven it into a communist society, leaving citizens hungry for liberty and equality. Now communists argue that for a country to work in a peaceful environment, it needs complete control of the individual from healthcare to the amount of children per household.

With recent changes in our healthcare system, it seems as if we are moving backwards instead of rising above the deep waters. Spring of 2010 President Obama passed the Affordable Care, popularly known as “Obamacare.” One more step to a communist society. Looking at the patterns of our social programs passed throughout the years, it becomes more evident our lack of active citizen involvement.   Change is part of a better future, but backing it up with pretty PR words and a hip logo does not complete the task.

We need a president who will hit us behind the neck and say, stop playing around with your life, work hard, and sweat the laziness out of your system. That, young folks, is one solution to our economic problem. So next time you’re driving up to Wal-Mart, give the guy with a cardboard box sign a good tip.  Get to work! There is no excuse, look at the 20 million immigrants who feed their family of 10 every night because they’re not afraid to use their hands.

Let’s talk cost because we all know money doesn’t grow on trees. There are only two ways government receives funding for social programs. One way is raising taxes. In this case those who make above the $250,000 mark will be taxed at a higher rate. So it’s OK to steal from the rich to give to the poor? Second is printing more paper money, which will lower the value of the dollar, causing prices to rise on consumer goods.

No one can look forward to a successful job with high pay because once they get there they are in the upper tax rate. Every circumstance is different. There are those who are unable to work because of health or mental conditions, but what about the 25-year-old who sits on mama’s couch all day?


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