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Online recruiting helps future students learn about TJC

TJC has a Web site with information about school activities, academic and upcoming important events for students on campus. It not only keeps the students updated, but is also an attention-grabber for those considering attending TJC.”We are always thinking of new ways to make the site more marketable,” said Online Content Coordinator Kelly Prew. “I’d say 70 percent of what we do online is to recruit and to keep people interested into coming to TJC. I’ll go to the recruiting department and discuss with them some things we need to do to entice people.”There are photos of everyday student life on the Web site. The individual can click on a certain picture and see the activities that take place.The Web site also has a drop down list with categories that a visitor can go to in order to learn more about the campus.If an individual wants to know more about the faculty, the Web site has photos of the college professors, including some general information about each professor.One students who’s attention was grabbed by the TJC Web site is Britney Deshay.”I didn’t know anything about where I was going to go. I was Googling junior colleges online and found TJC’s Web site,” she said. “The Web site showed me a photo of the college, sports, and upcoming events. When I saw all of that on the Web site, it persuaded me to look more into becoming a student.”Ryan Soward from the Information Technonlgy Department places the information on the site.

“I just take information from different departments and I update anything they need me to update for them on the Web site,” he said.

“I get emails about what the departments would like for me to include.”

Kailyn Mccolum, a TJC student, is amazed by how updated the school’s Web site is.

“I think that the TJC website is a great way to show someone who has no idea about the college what we are all about,” she said.

“I was looking on the Web site the other day and I saw those beautiful snow pictures and pictures of students in school activities surrounding the picture of the campus. I was like, ‘wow, this could really make a kid want to come and be a part of such a beautiful and fun environment.'”

TJC is always finding new ways to make the Web site attractive for people considering attending college.

The Web site is also used to keep current students updated about academics, activities and general information that is important for the students to know.

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