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Open tryouts could provide future depth for the football team

Ben Savallo

Sports Editor

On Feb. 4, 2017, TJC’s football program held open tryouts for athletes to come and make their impact and possibly continue their careers on the football field.

“The purpose of this tryout is to find local talent that is unsigned, guys that need second chances, second opportunities and maybe get a second look,” said Offensive Coordinator Matt Gordon.

Apache Football is offering just that. For $30, any athlete was able to state their case in between the lines that weekend. Many talents go under the radar and like Coach Gordon stated, just need one more opportunity.

TJC will have many spots to fill on the roster this year such as the quarterback position. After the signing of the freshman standout quarterback, McLane Carter to the University of Texas Tech, quarterbacks from all around came to impress.

“I was actually lucky enough to watch some film of one of them before they came -really good football player,” said Gordon. “He’s actually been out the past two years but has a really good arm on him.”

But a quarterback’s job is done after he lets go of the football. Every champion quarterback has had an arsenal of weapons as receivers and running backs out wide to help them become the athlete that they are.

Many receivers showed up with their ‘A’ game that afternoon and caught the attention of many members of the coaching staff.

“I thought the talent was at a high level, they did a really good job. We had a couple guys run under four-six-fourties, a couple guys run under four-two shuttles. They did really well,” said Gordon.

Also caught the attention of the first year Graduate Assistant Coach Garrett Kreamer.

“Really like the film. We have some roster spots to fill,” said Kreamer.

Anyone is welcome to attend and show what they have to offer and showcase their skills for the scouts. The next tryout will be March 25, 2017 at the Pat Hartley Complex, registration costs 35 dollars.at the Pat Hartley Complex, registration costs 35 dollars.

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