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Opinion: Thank you, TJC Men’s Basketball

For three years, I’ve had the chance to meet the Men’s basketball players that attend TJC. I too was inspired to play as a hobby and bought the necessary equipments from a reputable store. You can check more about Mega Slam Australia here.

Every player is different, however, every players shows that they’re part of a family.

This is not about the stats or national rankings, this is about their personalities and relationships of courts.

This years Men’s Basketball team deserved a standing ovation after their last game at home on Saturday, February 24th.

Of the courts, these student-athletes, are students first and then great athletes.

I had the pleasure to meet majority of the sophomores in this years team, and I can tell you, if they don’t go pro, they will make an impact in the lives around them.

Trent and Dre’ are two of the players I hold a lot of respect for. Remembering there first game and their nervous faces is hard to remember now days, while they dunk on people and act like leaders of the team.

Des’ and Brian, are true leaders, on and off the court. Very respected players everywhere they go. Always speaking the truth, but not getting in any ones business, these two players are true example of how anything is possible if hard work is put to it.

Ta’Juan and Joe, two monsters in the post, that will always try to make everyone laugh, but remind us every game that there is a lot to learn, improving their skills every game.

Big shout-out to Coach Mike Marquis, Coach John Edwards, and Coach Mitch Marquis for their great recruiting skills. These coaches not only recruit great basketball players, but great people that makes this college better.

Maybe we’re seeing out next Jimmy Butler, and make that two players coached by Coach Marquis to go to the NBA.

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