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Organization receives funds for events on campus

As of a couple of weeks ago Tyler Junior Colleges, Student Services Fee Advisory Committee (SSFAC), allocated money towards different groups on campus.

The SSFAC, is capable of spending up to half a million dollars on organizations at TJC. However, the student senate must recognize each group as an official school organization before distributing funds.

In order to receive money, each organization had to speak before the committee to promote how they will fulfill the three core promises of TJC which are, quality education, vibrant student life, and community service.

Most of the organizations were rewarded funds; however, not all received as much as they asked.

Dr. Mark Jones director of The Baptist Student Ministry had no problem getting the $10,000 they requested.

“Some people have that ability to get more money,” Dr. Lane, vice president for student affairs, said. “They like him so much and the programs he does, he’ll come in and ask for peanuts and for some reason when they hear his request they’ll give him more”, said Dr. Lane.

TJC’s first promise, ‘Quality of Education,’ is hoped to be accomplished by interpreting faith with the education and current events of today. A portion of the $10,000 is desired to go towards guest speakers to enhance education and to provide any extra expenses for the guest like transportation.

A ‘Vibrant Student Life’, the second promise, was proposed to be completed by various events on campus.

Every Wednesday, there is a free lunch located in the BSM building. Funds keep the weekly event going, even if donations for the lunch, back out at the last minute.

Thursday nights are dedicated to bringing students an alternative to the club scene. The students are greeted with open doors, free pancakes and company. Music, Comedy, Poetry, and a bible prayer fill the room during the open Mic night line-up.

In prior years, Thursday nights were primarily focused on worship music and bible study. Realizing the diversity of religions and cultures on campus, open Mic night was brought about to build bridges between the students, helping them seek the truth.

“We hope they come for more than just pancakes”, says Dr. Mark Jones.

Lastly, ‘Community Service’ is the third promise BSM plans to fulfill.

One of the community services opportunities that will be available is adopting of families during the holiday season. Other services contribute to getting their message out around the campus and community.

Pursue God, love students, and make disciples are the core values of BSM. Its members are encouraged to build relationships with other students by hearing and sharing stories.

Understanding the basic needs of other students, and occasional free laundry night is hosted on and off campus. The $10,000 has sufficient plans to not only fulfill the three promises of TJC but also help to provide a way to accomplish Baptist Student Ministries purpose to represent Christ on campus in a more practical way.

The majority of the money allocated to the organization will be spent on food, but because of their hope for more laundry nights, fun and games during finals weeks and the possibility of a battle of the bands.

Whatever the event may be, the funds provided will allow them to live out their purpose.

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