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More parking coming soon

Most students at TJC have spent countless hours searching for a parking spot on campus to end up having no luck. But now, there is hope.
On January 28, the Board of Trustees announced that Tyler Junior College has reached an agreement to begin work on a new 80-space parking lot that will be built at Magnolia and Lake Streets behind Sledge Hall and Claridge Hall. Assistant Director of Campus Services Dana Ballard has said that a deal has been reached between L & L Asphalt Corporation and Tyler Junior College for the construction of a new parking lot.
L&L Asphalt has been doing business in Tyler since 1970 and has done other well-known jobs around town such as at the Broadway Square Mall, Lowes, the Brannon Corporation and the University of Texas at Tyler health center.
Construction on the new parking lot can begin any day.

“They have been given the green light to go ahead and start whenever they are ready,” said Kevin Jones, associate director of Facilities & Construction
While the exact start date is not set in stone, there is a new parking lot on the way. However, students will probably have to go the rest of the semester without the new parking lot being completed. Jones has said the final deadline for the parking lot to be finished is before the start of the fall semester 2013.parking lot
For Othashia Harris, who has had trouble in the past with parking having to hike from one side of the campus to the other, would welcome the new parking lot but still believes it won’t fix the problem with overcrowded parking lots. Harris also doesn’t care for the location being so far away from the school, saying students will still have to walk a while just to get to class.”

If you have any questions about the new parking lot, contact Kevin Jones at (903) 510-2252 or email him at kjon@tjc.edu.


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