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Phi Theta Kappa works to help students succeed

Hannah Horton


The Phi Theta Kappa honor society is working to increase student success through the Student Resource Center and the Ask an Apache Student Resource Guide.

“In the Student Resource Center, we have everything we could think of that might help a student to be successful,” said Phi Theta Kappa advisor Gigi Delk. “The coffeepots and hot chocolate are always free. There will be tutoring available … We have study rooms for people [where] there are several computers that you can use. The printing is free. What we want to try to do is encourage students to be able to be in class and be paying attention to what’s going on.”

The Student Resource Center also provides personal hygiene items, school supplies, and food items such as oatmeal, ramen, crackers and water for free to students who need them. “We try to make sure that you’ve got some nutrition so that you can be alert in your classes,” said Delk. “Everything in the Student Resource Center is gathered to make students successful.”

“It takes a bit of stress of of [students’] shoulders financially so they can focus more on their coursework and upcoming tests,” added sophomore Phi Theta Kappa officer Chad Thompson.

Delk explained that students who visit the Center must sign in with their A number and check off the items they take from a list, but added that they are not required to leave their name. “We try to protect student privacy,” she said.

“This is open to students all over TJC,” said Delk. “We welcome any student who needs some supplies to come in, check out the Student Resource Center, share the word with other students and work together to be successful for today.”

The Student Resource Center is located on the second floor of the Pirtle Technology building, in room T-214.

The Ask an Apache Student Resource Guide, which is available for free in the Student Resource Center, is another way Phi Theta Kappa is working to help students. This 17-page guide provides answers to common student questions like where campus offices are located and how to confirm graduation. It also includes information on campus resources that students may not know about, like the TJC Campus Clinic, Counseling Services and the library’s textbook reserves.

“We’re trying to get more students to learn about all of our resources at TJC because a lot of students don’t know of all the resources we have to offer them,” said sophomore Phi Theta Kappa officer Kristin Marling.

Phi Theta Kappa appreciates donations and volunteers to keep the Student Resource Center running. “If anyone would like to email me at gdel@tjc.edu, I can send them a list of materials, foods and supplies that we can always use,” added Delk, “and we welcome other student organizations or community organizations to partner with us in the Student Resource Center.”

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