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Planning to Transfer Next Fall? Get Started Now.

It’s October and the time to apply for colleges next fall start now.  Yes, we said it. Now.
Start going to the college website you are interested in and fill out those applications.

99.9 percent of students (or even people in general) that I have talked to like money.
Billions of Americans work to make money, and for some it is hard to have jobs that can
pay for a full tuition for a four-year university. Many students receive loans to pay for their
education, but loans are not free and of course have to be paid back.

Wait a minute though, why not make an effort to acquire free money and worry less about loans? If students apply now, there are scholarships available at theircollege of preference and since it is early in the application stage, there is a better chance of receiving one. Colleges look at scholarship applicants early, and regardless of the amount of the scholarship; whether full, half, or just for books and dorms. For students this means less chances of being in debt.

We know students are trying to balance being a full time student and having a job, but that is part of the ungraded college classes mandatory for every student: The responsibility and balancing your schedule course. Days in which you have an hour before going to work and the TV is on, why not lower the volume and start applying to those colleges you said you were going to do last week but ‘that thing’ came up.

College transfers that plan to prolong their college careers at a four-year Texas university are required to turn in an application at Applytexas.org. For transfers that are looking to move to a college out of Texas, Commonapp.org is the website best for you.

There is an application fee for most colleges and the price varies depending on the school. For example, The University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio has an application fee of $20 and a school like University of Texas at Austin or Arlington has an application fee of $50. Also, out of state schools like Mississippi State University (MSU) and Louisiana State University (LSU) have a fee of $40. However, not all colleges have an application fee like Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.

Some schools like Texas A&M and Illinois University require incoming students to write an essay for the admission process. Some subjects for essays may include, “a description of the students interest or experience that has special meaning for the individual.”

Another essay? We know you already have about three to write this week, but, hey, it’s part of balancing your schedule course.  Do not take the essays lightly, and slack on it because the school did not put the essays as a requirement to be a filler.

Other items that colleges may ask for are your high school and college transcript and proof of meningitis vaccination shot.  High school transcript s come at the high school attended if it was given to the junior college, then they will still have the copy and will give it to students. College transcript can be obtained by requesting it from the registrars’ office.

Apply now to the college you wish to a transfer and get some of that free money.

Ani Umana
Sports Editor

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