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Police investigation leads to TJC student arrest

By Julia Contarelli



A TJC student was arrested on Monday, Nov. 28 and two other individuals, not TJC students, received warrants.

Jasper Jerome Williams,18, voluntarily surrendered to TJC Campus Police. His charges are two Deadly Conducts, which are Class A Misdemeanor offenses.

The Surety Bond value is $500,00 for each crime. He was booked at Smith County Jail on Monday, Nov. 28 and released on the same date.

According to a TJC Press Statement:

“The investigation was aided by several factors: The timely reports by students to TJC Campus Police. Surveillance cameras on campus. A witness that provided a detailed description of the vehicle.”

The crimes happened on three different dates according to crime logs:

– 9:55 p.m. Wednesday, Sep. 21, two suspects pulled up beside the victim and pointed a rifle at him.

– 1 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 20, two residential students reported that a dark vehicle pulled near them and a pointed a gun, than they left the scene.

– 9:30 p.m. Monday, Nov 21, the suspect’s vehicle of the deadly conduct case is dark colored, possibly black, with four doors. It was occupied by several black males.

The suspects were described as black males and were seen driving a dark, four-door vehicle. The victims defined the weapons as guns, but they were BB pistols, which were confiscated during the investigation.

According to TJC President, Mike Metke, “Recklessly threatening others with this weapon could have led to a deadly confrontation, with police or armed citizens.”

Campus Police had the assistance of Tyler Police Department and cooperation of Texas College in the investigation.

UPDATE: Campus police say arrests are imminent


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