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Q and A with Lauren Tyler, Director of student life

Q: How long have you been with TJC and what is your position?

A: This is my ninth year here and I am the Director of student life.

Q: What do you do and what programs do you offer students?

A: I am over all the I am over all the clubs and organization and any leadership events, such as ya-a-tae!, student leadership banquet as well as student government and student senate. I am also the ex officio over the student service fee, advising community and cheerleading.

Q: What do you do outside of school?

A: I care for two little girls and I have husband and we are building a house on five acres which is long process that can be fun at times.

Q: How do you balance school and home life?

A: It is a challenge but you take it head on and you set your priorities and sometimes that is a daily thing that needs to happen because emergencies come up and they change the day’s priorities. You have to put down the biggest to the smallest detail in your planner. You also have to depend on others. It takes a village to raise an individual and it does not matter if you have kids or not. We need others to help care for maybe a pet, plants, or home. You should not be afraid to ask others for help.

Q: Is there an organization that is better than another for new students or students looking to join this fall?

A: I do not think a certain one is better than another. They all have their benefits whether they are big or small. Really you need to find what pertains to them or would benefit them. Some current students need to see the carrot at the end. So, if there is a group that pertains to your major why would not you join that. That will open doors hopefully in the career you’re going into. It could even help be a resume builder for some. Find your special interest in and join a group. If you’re into gaming why would you not join the IGDA. I would encourage a student to join but not to join too many, one is good. Some students come in and are very eager but I would not do more than one at least in your first semester or year here.

Q: What is good for first year students to do on campus?

A: They should take advantage of the weeks of welcome that we host on campus. They should also check out all the free events and they are listed on the events page or the calendar. They will be able to see what is happening and who it is putting the event. Gives them the chance to see if maybe that is the organization they might want to join. I would advise students to attend a lot of different events even if it does not pertain to them.

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