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RA positions crucial to on campus residential life

Residential Assistants have become essential to the way dorms are operated and the experience of students who stay in the dorms.

“RAs are needed to keep the residential halls fun and safe for all residents,” said RA of Ornealas, Tarah Jones.

As a result, TJC has made it a priority to provide 28 RAs throughout all eight residential halls to assist and guide students to follow rules and regulations.

To become an RA, interested students have to meet a variety of requirements that include an application process, an interview and maintaining a certain GPA.

“To be considered for a RA position, the student has to have attended TJC for a semester, meet criteria of the application and interview, and have a 2.5 G.P.A,” said RA of Sledge Hall Kyle Jacob.

Those interested in becoming RAs are encouraged to attend RA interest sessions to learn more about the job.

“RA interest sessions are open to anyone that would consider becoming an RA, and during the sessions students learn about the RA job, interview requirements, what to wear in the interview and anything that pertains to the position,” said Angela Nunez, director of Residential Life.

These requirements help TJC staff pick acceptable students to be role models for their residents. While the school benefits, so does the RA.

“Being a RA comes with a lot of benefits, such as room and board, own room and getting the opportunity to meet new people,” said Jacob.

This is a great deal for some because the older dorms cost $2,750 per semester, while the Ornealas Residental Complex is $2,985 per semester.

Yet, RAs aren’t paid an hourly wage. Their room and board compensates for the work RAs do.

“There isn’t a set amount of money that any RA gets, only room and board, and everything else depends on financial aid and scholarships,” said Nunez.

Though there are advantages to being an RA, there can also be a downside to the job such as being on call at all times, hardly having any free time, working five days out of a week and dealing with numerous personalities.

“There is more pressure when being a RA than just the pressure of school. There is also the duty of having to work all the time,” said Jones.

On the other hand, students can be an RA for as long as they attend TJC, but there are situations that can cause students to be terminated from the position.

“RAs can be fired for not following instructions or even for not doing their job duties,” said Jacob.

Even though RAs have responsibilities, some have proven to love their job and everything that comes with it.

“I love having the feeling that I get to meet new people and affect people’s lives,” said RA of Ornealas, Jordan Francis.

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