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Ratemyprofessor.com can be a useful tool for incoming freshman. It is a way to find out what teachers are like, classes are like and class load given, it is nothing but opinions from alumni and current students.

Teachers are rated on three different cat- egories including willingness to help, clarity easiness and, for some added fun, hotness. Rates start out as low as 1.0, highest rating a 5.0. But ratemyprofessor.com also rates col leges and college professors from all over the U.S.Tyler Junior College as a school received an overall 3.0 rating from 18 total submissions. Campus and events came in as a 2.6 rating and school reputation at 3.1.

Students are also given the freedom to comment on the school and the posts are kept anonymous.

These comments can also range from negative to positive.

“Trying to get anything done with this school is like pulling teeth (I’ve been to other

schools, and it’s much better). Dress code, senile teachers, and they’re actively removing places to socialize. Isn’t college about meeting life long friends between classes? I went, I got my degree, and I regret ever having going.”

This anonymous user rated the campus on nine different categories where he/she gave the reputation of the school a 1, op- portunities a 1, campus a 1, food a 1, social activities a 1, location a 3, library 2, internet speed a 3 and clubs and events a 1.

Another comment added a few days later in Au- gust 2010 read, “I picked this school on a whim and it ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The theatre department is easily one of the best in Texas.”

This anonymous user rated the campus based on the same nine categories where he/she gave the reputation of the school a 3, opportunities 2, campus 5, food 2, social actives 5, location 3, library 3, internet speed 2, and clubs and events a 5.

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