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Register to Vote!

Feb. 3 is the last day to register to vote. To register to
vote, one can go to any government office, school or
library to get a voter registration card. Then, fill it out and
mail it to the address on the card.
People do not have to register with a certain party in
advance. It won’t cost anything to ship because it is a
government document. From there, the government
will send back a card that is proof of registration in the
next 30 days.
Early voting for the primary election will be from Feb.
18-28. The primary election helps decide who will be
running for the presidency for each party. The early
election is in place to help with crowd control. It lets
people vote early, so they don’t have to do it on the actual
day to vote. The actual day to vote is March 3.
Tyler Junior College recently held a voter registration
rally on campus, where the League of Women Voters of
Texas were in the Rogers Student Center to help students
register to vote.
There are currently 17 democratic primary candidates
and seven republican primary candidates.

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