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Relocation initiates upcoming campus police changes 

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Campus Police have moved across the street to their new home located at 1025 S. Baxter Ave., leaving the old building to be demolished in favor of a bigger parking lot and potentially more green space, as well.

The new building features a larger lobby that will allow for more students and staff to wait inside to speak to an officer, though that is not the only change on the horizon. Campus Police are in the process of securing and installing more security cameras across campus, as well as extending their main station lobby hours.

While the lobby is only open for certain hours at the moment, the eventual goal is for the lobby to be open 24 hours a day for anyone at TJC to be connected to the police either in-person during staffed hours or to a TJC dispatcher after hours through the lobby phone.

While the building is new, the services provided are the same. Campus police are there for people at TJC to call to report incidents but also for standard car trouble help and late-night walks to their cars. 

“We want everyone to feel safe on our campus and to let them know that we offer a safe walk program,” TJC Chief of Police Michael Seale said. “For instance, if the library closes at midnight and you don’t want to walk across campus to your residence hall by yourself, call us and we will either give you a ride or walk with you to your residence hall.”

If a student feels uncomfortable walking alone or would prefer an escort across campus to their car or resident hall, campus officers are available to assist as part of their safe-walk program. 

“They assisted me when I was doing study nights with my girlfriend,” recent TJC graduate and former RA Alex Mejia said. “If there was something that was wrong, or I felt very uncomfortable at night times I would use them for escorts.” 

To use this service, one needs to contact campus police at 903-510-2800, or the backup number at 903-510-2222, and an officer will be there to assist shortly. 

Campus police puts the safety and security of the campus and its guests first, but many students don’t know that they also offer help for standard car trouble as well.

Incoming freshman Roberto Dominguez said, “I would use them if I were stuck for sure yeah. Locks are expensive and having access to help is nice.”

According to TJC’s website, “As long as you are on the TJC Campus, we will boost your vehicle free of charge.”

For more information on the services campus police provides, visit tjc.edu, or their new lobby at 1025 S. Baxter Ave.

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