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Residence hall security measures work to keep students safe on campus

Written by Lexi Simmons

 Tyler Junior College claims to be a campus where students, staff and faculty alike can be safe from the threat of crime. Those who live on campus might be concerned about the protection of their belongings as well as themselves. More than 1,200 students live in one of the eight TJC residence halls. Certain measures are in place to ensure those who live in TJC’s housing are free from the threat of crime. 

“Safety is our No. 1 priority,” said Diana Karol, director of housing at TJC. 

All residence halls on campus are routinely patrolled by campus police 24-hours a day to ensure no criminal activity transpires. 

Campus police also offer evening/night escort services for students who may be walking to and from their car or from late classes back to their dorm. This service is free and can be requested by calling the police department. 

“We have human resources, as well as electronic,” Karol said.

The exterior doors to the residence halls are locked 24/7 with alarm systems. Video surveillance cameras are in public areas, residence halls and across campus. All dorm visitors must sign in via computer, and key activity is recorded and can be pulled in order to see when a student enters and leaves their dorm. 

Students will not share housing with a convicted criminal. According to the TJC Residential Life and Housing Department, some convictions may be used to decline a housing application and/or contract. These guidelines have been in effect since 2013. Misdemeanor convictions, such as any form of assault, involvement of narcotics/illegal drugs, and theft. All felony convictions will disqualify a housing applicant. The TJC Residential Life and Housing Department also reserves the right to disapprove an applicant if it determines that such conviction is a threat, regardless of when the crime was committed and if it was listed. 

“Most of all, we depend upon our residents,” Karol said. “We depend upon the community.” 

Residents can report crime or suspicious activity to campus police in order to ensure a safer environment for them and their classmates. Keeping the campus free of crime is a collective effort done by students, staff and police. 

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