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Rights of marriage should apply to all

This could possibly be the most controversial column I will write this semester, but please take into consideration that this is my opinion and my opinion alone and I am more than open to hearing your opinion. That is what a letter to the editor is for.

According to gaydemographics.org, there were 707,196 same-sex couples in the U.S. in 2004, provided by census estimate. There were 42,192 same-sex couples in Texas in 2004. This was taken five years ago, so you can imagine the numbers today are higher.

I personally believe that marriage is the union of two people who love each other and would like to make their unity official. Who are we to deny this unity to anyone, especially when in all reality, despite what some people may think, it will not affect anyone else? No matter what you do, there will always be same-sex couples, so why does it matter if their union is official in the eyes of the of law?

Some people say that same-sex marriage will be the downfall of the sanctity of marriage. I believe that what is destroying the sanctity of marriage is the sky-high divorce rate.

Couples get married every day for the wrong reasons. Why not let a couple that truly loves each other make an official commitment that everyone else in America is given the opportunity to enjoy?

I personally believe that one day gay marriage will be legalized everywhere, why push against it, because it is not your belief or your choice of lifestyle? Well, it is not my choice of lifestyle for two people to get married for the wrong reasons and start a family and tear it apart due to divorce, but we can’t stop it. Some of these same-sex couples have been together over a decade and they still love each other more and more everyday and if they want to make their commitment legit, then by all means let them do it. Putting a stop to gay marriage will not get rid of same-sex couples, so I do not understand why some people are so headstrong about being against it. I promise you, there will always be straight couples but there will also always be gay couples.

Marriage of interracial couples was made legal in 1967, I am sure that back then they never thought that they would see the day. I know that if gay marriage was made legal, then they would absolutely receive some prejudice, just like how a Louisiana judge denied the marriage of an interracial couple a couple of weeks ago, but the fact of the matter is that you cannot stop it. So if you are trying to put a stop to gay marriage to try to prove a point, then save it, because although these couples will be hurt by the fact that they cannot make this official commitment, they will stay together regardless because they love each other.

How would you feel if you fell head over heals in love with someone and you were denied the rights of marriage that everyone else is given? I am not asking you to agree with the gay lifestyle, I am asking you to be open-minded enough to let them live their lives as you live yours.

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