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Rim March tradition connects Apache Belles, Apache Gold

 In celebration of homecoming, the Apache Belles will participate in the Rim March with the Apache Gold, the Apache Belles alumni. The Rim March will happen approximately 45 minutes prior to kickoff on Saturday, Oct. 26, on the concourse surrounding the football field. 

The Rim March has happened every home game since 1948. The Rim March started to pump up the football team.

“Homecoming brings so many Apache Belles back to Tyler and truly displays how the line between the Belles is long and the circle is unbroken,” said Madi Murphy, a sophomore Apache Belle in the 72 line. 

To one Apache Belle, this year’s Rim March is more than a regular homecoming; it is a connection to her mom who passed away. 

“Even though I never got to walk with my mom or that my mom is not here for me to do it with her, I know she’s watching so I feel closer to her,” said Misty Jones, a freshman Apache Belle on the 73 line. 

For Jones, being an Apache Belle runs in the family. Her grandma was on the 3 line, her mother was on the 32 line, and her sisters were on the 67 and 69 line.

“They are proud that I got the chance to carry on the family legacy that my grandma started,” Jones said. Also, the Apache Band and Touch of Gold members will participate in the Rim March.

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