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Scenes & Revelations: First Impressions

Quiet anticipation filled Jean Browne Theatre before the performance of “Scenes and Revelations”, a second stage production. The lights dimmed and the anticipation turned into action as the actors quietly walked onstage and into position.

The story tells a tale of four sisters living in the 1800s as they struggle to move away from their home in Pennsylvania. The sisters relive past memories of their home, particularly with former relationships.

“It’s a lot about relationships, everyone is going to relate to it in some way” said Bailey Mayo who plays the youngest sister Rebecca.

Jennie-Dee Guys, who plays oldest sister Helena, agreed “It’s also set in the 1800’s and just the fact that we can relate to the same thing today is magnificent.”

“I think there’s going to be mixed emotions, some people are going to gasp, and some are going to be real happy and then they’re going to hit the point where it’s like ‘oh my god that just happened!’” said Tajaun Salahuddin (as Dennis Houser). “And you know it’s a love hate kind of play. You love them one second the next you hate them. I want the audience to feel that, to switch back and forth.”

Molly Jasper (as sister Millie) said “I think that everyone in the audience who’s ever had a relationship whether it’s just crush, whether they’ve been engaged or married, or anything really, any person who’s had a relationship with someone is going to be touched by the show. They’re going to have feelings remembering what it was like.”

“It’s just gonna be one of those shows that you come to, sit down and say ‘I can connect to her, I can connect to him, I know where that person has been before’” said Ashley Oxford (as sister Charlotte).

The play found itself under the direction of first time director, Caden Crawford. Crawford’s enthusiasm formed from his own acting experience, but he wanted to try something new as well, starting with Scenes and Revelations.

“He’s done a wonderful job with the show, and getting to see his style of directing is kind of refreshing because it’s a little different than the other directors” said Jasper.

The actors themselves had a new experience too, working with a new director as well as cast members. Each member of the cast has merged into new adjustments, but enjoying themselves at the same time.

“ One of my favorite parts was getting to work with all of these people because some are new that I haven’t gotten to work with, and some I’ve worked with but haven’t gotten to be one on one, and it was really cool getting to work with different actors” Jasper continued.

“I want to go into directing someday and seeing what it’s like from a young perspective as opposed to someone who’s been teaching for years and has years of experience underneath their belt, so it’s kind of great to have different mentors” said Oxford.

“Caden’s been really awesome to work with” said Guys.

“It’s been an honor to be his first cast “said Mayo.

Salahuddin concluded “He’ll always remember this play even if he goes on to be a doctor of theatre arts and overall the experience in general you couldn’t change it for the world”.

The Tyler Junior College Theatre Department will perform Scenes and Revelations on February 6th and 7th at 7:30 p.m.

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