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Scholarship deadlines set for March 1

By Dax Davenport, Contributing Writer

Approximately $4 million in scholarships are given by donors to TJC every year. With these scholarships, TJC has provided students with
many opportunities to help get their education funded.  

Recently, TRIO Student Support Services and the Academic Success Center hosted a scholarship workshop to help students apply for scholarships. 

This event taught students where to look for scholarships, what documents are required for most, who is eligible, application tips and deadlines for the on-campus scholarship opportunities.

 “Many scholarship donors will designate money for factors other than GPA like first-generation students, students from certain hometowns, students in particular majors, ethnicity, financial need or artistic talent,” said Andrea Hathcote, scholarship reviewer and professor. “There are so many opportunities that it just makes sense to apply.” 

The deadline for TJC’s scholarship application is March 1. 

TRIO hosts many other workshops for students, including a career workshop to help students figure out where they want to go after college. 

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