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Scholarships up for grabs

The spring semester is quickly coming to an end. Many students are wondering what to do about summer school, or even school for the fall in a financial aspect. It is never too late to apply for financial aid via FASFA, and also numerous scholarships offered here at TJC. Students who don’t feel that they would qualify for financial aid should still apply for scholarships, they are awarded on a need basis, meaning there is still help available. At TJC any money that is available for school funding will be awarded.

Scholarships are awarded through committee selections. The deadline was March 31, however the committee will still accept applications for funds that weren’t awarded to some who may have already applied. Students who would like to apply can see an advisor for an application or go on the TJC website to fill out an application. Submit the application along with a letter of recommendation, essay, have at least a 2.0 GPA, and a copy of an unofficial transcript if you are a transferring student.

Scholarship money has not yet been awarded for the fall semester, and no money goes unclaimed at TJC. April and May will be the rewarding months for funds given but students must know that if grades at the end of the semester don’t meet minimum standards your money will be pulled.

Scholarships qualifications apply to every student, maintain a 2.0 GPA some scholarships require higher, also being a fulltime student. Allied Health, Nursing students, and other special program students also qualify for scholarships and financial aid, due to their program qualifications standards may be a little different dealing with the special hours those programs require.

“Students who receive money through a Pell grant or have remaining funds from the spring can use the remainder of their funds to pay for summer courses,” said Coordinator of Scholarships Shelby Brown. “Financial aid has more available than students think, they just have to apply. Students that apply for FASFA no matter what date will be reimbursed if approved even if the semester has already started.

Financial Aid Manager, Molly Sivadon provided information for students that they may not know about. “Summer financial aid is available through small federal funds, on a first come first served basis.

There are small federal and state grants provided. State money can be awarded to students in spring and fall semester, and full time or part time students that use their entire Pell can apply for this money also,” said Silvadon. “Students awarded summer funds are based off of their spring grades, so they are subject to be withdrawn if satisfactory academic progress (SAP) doesn’t meet requirements.”

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