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Second promise fulfilled

Tyler Junior College has been ful­filling the three promises of qual­ity education, vibrant student life and community service since 1926. The second of these promises, a vibrant student life, is kept thanks to Student Activities for organizing concerts and events for TJC stu­dents to attend.

Student Activities juggles up to four events per week on average. Examples of these events include an R&B Hip-Hop concert featuring Yung Joc, Cherish and Black Violin, which was held on March 19. More examples of this include a Camp Apache, Homecoming events, Ac­tivities Fair, dances and movies. An upcoming event will be the Recycle Percussion on April 7.

Student Activities Director Scott Nalley feels students can learn as much through on campus activities as they would in the classroom.

“We think students should enjoy college,” said Scott Nalley, a TJC faculty member of 19 years. “I’ve been in student activities a long time. I enjoyed college, and that’s why I have this job.”

The Student Activities department is in charge of maintaining a vibrant student life through concerts and other event that TJC students can attend.

“The three promises of TJC are not so much for recruiting new stu­dents, it’s giving students a different side of what education is about,” said Vincent Nguyen, also a TJC student activities member. Nguyen also believes that it’s important for the students to learn the benefits of giving back to the community, “with education and being connected to the college they can give back. It helps them understand how impor­tant it is to give back.”

None of these projects and stu­dent activities would be possible if it wasn’t for money spent to provide the entertainment. TJC students have a great opportunity to take advantage of these concerts and events all for the single price of the $26 student life fee at the beginning of the school year.

“The March 19, Wise Auditorium R&B/Hip-Hop concert is going to be free for students thanks to the student life fee. If we want to cook hamburgers and hotdogs for the students, now we can hire people for entertainment, it’s from the student life fee. The ideas have to be run through SSFAC before it is passed. The fee provides services, entertainment, and allows organiza­tions to do things that we’ve never been able to do. It’s changed the way we do business.”

Nguyen and Nalley are just two of the many people involved with the student activities center of TJC try­ing to find new ways for students to enjoy their time here.

“It’s more than just fun and games. Student Activities’ mission is to seek out new programs and new experiences for students,” said Nalley.

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