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Senator Kevin Eltife honored during TJC Board of Trustees’ meeting

Pulling into the new nursing building valet signs lined the sidewalk, a service most students wished they had. The valet was not for classes or to tease future students into thinking they wouldn’t have to battle for a parking spot. A luncheon was taking place that would honor Sen. Eltife of Tyler for his work on H.B. 3348 which allows TJC to form their first baccalaureate program in dental hygiene and for his service to the City of Tyler and East Texas as well as wishing Eltife a very heartfelt thank you and to wish him the best as this is his last term as senator. In attendance were Rep. Matt Schaffer, Sheriff Larry Smith, Mayor Martin Hines, former Mayor Barbra Bass and numerous other politicians and friends of Eltifes. Mayor Hines declared July 30, 2015 as Senator Kevin Eltife Day and the TJC board handed Eltife an honorary degree in dental hygiene.

“I’m extremely honored,” said Eltife, “like I said I’ve been willing to serve no one needs to thank me. It’s been an honor to be in office and do what i can to help the community. I’m very honored.”

Along with the degree Eltife was honored with an opratory named after him in the dental clinic. TJC hopes to issue their first bachelors degree in dental hygiene in 2017.

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