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Sexual Assault in Ornelas

UPDATE 2: We wish to respect the identify and reputation of all individuals involved. During the continuing investigation, information has surfaced that places the alleged incident in question. Campus Police are continuing to investigate the relationship between the parties involved andofficers will conduct more interviews before action, if any, takes place. – Via Fred Peters


Early Friday morning Campus Police responded to a call regarding an alleged sexual assault in the Ornelas B Dormitory.

“The alleged attempted incident involved two individuals and several possible witnesses/persons with information. TJC detectives are piecing together their relationship and the allegations. Once the facts are determined then appropriate measures will be taken in accordance to law. The suspect has been identified and it has been determined that he is not a TJC student,” said Fred Peters, director of public affairs and grant development.

It is not yet know if an arrest has been made or if Campus Police have attempted to notify the residents of the hall.

According to OneInFourUsa.org, “Rape is common worldwide, with relatively similar rates of incidence across countries, with 19%-28% of college women reporting rape or attempted rape in several countries. In many countries, survivors are treated far worse than in the U.S.”

We will update this story as soon as new information becomes available.


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