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Severe weather season, which is March
through May, is rapidly approaching. According
to CBS 19, the 2019 severe weather season was
“more active than usual in East Texas.” However,
the report stated this “is not something that is
unexpected for our region.” Recently Tyler Junior
College students have received notifications for
severe weather through the college’s alert system.
TJC’s Apache Alert System notifies
students on weather alerts, security threats,
on-campus activities and more. According to
TJC’s emergency procedures, “the Immediate
Notification System and Apache Alerts textmessaging
systems allow TJC to provide
immediate notification to faculty, staff and
students in the event of a campus security, crime
or weather-related emergency.” There are almost
25,000 people enrolled, said TJC police Chief
Michael Seale.
In 1990, the Department of Education passed
a law known as the Crime Awareness and
Security Act of 1990. This law states students,
parents and staff have the right to know about
important information, whether it be bad
weather or criminal mischief. According to the
U.S. Department of Education, “The department
is committed to ensuring that postsecondary
institutions are in full compliance with that act,
and enforcement of the act is a priority
of the department.”
Currently, TJC’s alert system is an opt-in
system, meaning students must manually sign
up for the alert system. Opt-out systems that
automatically enroll users are available. Director
of Public Affairs Rebecca Sanders said, “other
alert systems are being researched to see if there
is a better solution for TJC. If the college
moves forward with a new system or makes
changes to the current system, students and
employees will be informed about opting in or
out for notifications.”
To sign up for Apache Alerts, log in to Apache
Access. In the middle of the homepage there
is a block that states “TJC Alert Notification.”
The instructions should be in blue. Click the
hyperlink and follow the instructions to sign up.
Students aren’t limited to weather alerts. They
can get notified about athletics, campus activities,
different clubs and organizations, emergency
notifications and IT alerts as well as residential
hall activities.
The current system is not limited to email.
“The students will receive alerts through text, email, social media, and the outdoor warning
system in Ramey Tower,” Seale said. “Once
someone enrolls, they are active until they
change their status in their account or until the
system automatically expires them several years
after signing up.”

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