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Silent Art Auction

Joseph French was a TJC art student in 2009. He walked the same halls as TJC students. After transferring to University of North Texas he moved to Honduras to teach English and Art. French was mugged and shot multiple times one day in December. He miraculously survived.

French has undergone multiple surgeries and he still has a long road of recovery ahead of him. This many surgeries and hospital bills can start to rack up debt rapidly.

He was being treated at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas and is now recovering in Longview.

The Art Department held a silent art auction in Jenkins March 31-April 3 and held an art auction at Sports Zone January 27 with all of the proceeds going to French.

“The proceeds from this year’s auction are going to go to Joe French and his family with these astronomical medical costs associated with his care,” said Derrick White, Art Professor.

Art student Regan Campbell feels that the Art Department should be helping because French was always doing everything he could to help others.

Although the majority of the students now don’t know him personally, they have heard of him and his story and want to lend a helping hand.

“If this auction is to help him out, then I’m going to put it there to help out an art student,” said Andres Breffitt, sophomore graphic arts major.

Find exclusive video and multi media about the silent auction at mytjcnews.com.

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