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Southern Hospitality Review


     “Southern Hospitality” is a comedy-of-errors set in the sleepy little town of Fayro, Texas. Total population: 1,609. When this small town’s future is put into jeopardy, the colorful cast of characters desperately tries to save it and is willing to use any means necessary to do it. To try to avert disaster, they come up with a plan to woo the head of a salsa company and convince them to move their new salsa factory to Fayro. To impress them, they come up with a festival to try to win them over. As the play progresses, there are many twists and turns with a surprise ending that will make you laugh out loud.

     The dialogue is reason enough to go see this play with many Southern phrases as well as humorous lines that sound like something your grandma would say like “that boy is sweeter than a box of Little Debbie’s.” There are also many references to the East Texas area. For example: “I’m a lone wolf. I’m like a Lobo.” Lobos are the mascot for Longview High School.

     The characters are extremely relatable. You can almost swear that you have met them before or even know them. Whether it’s a hilarious crotchety old aunt, played by T.J. Rankin, a man having a middle-aged crisis, played by Corey Finzel, or a mother desperately trying to keep the family sane, played by Brandi Thompson, these characters have heart and personality.  

     I give “Southern Hospitality” two thumbs up. This play has a lot of warmth, heart and humor. Through the character’s trials and errors, we can see the community spirit and love that brings them all together.

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