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Staying fit and healthy is a challenge for spring


     Spring time is around the corner and for many it’s not only a time of climate change, instead it’s a time to get in the mood for a healthy lifestyle.

     According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s website, the reason many col­lege students get the idea of living a healthy style is that of looking good for someone else and not thinking of one individually. Appearance is a challenging factor for healthy lifestyles, thus a major­ity of students tend to spend hours in front of a mirror, stressing themselves without a cause.

     “I consider healthy when you eat right. As long as you exercise every day, trainers out there will train for the money and not to keep you healthy. I advise exercise healthy everyday for at least 30 minutes,” said Guadalupe Alvarez, a freshman Kinesiology major.

     Statistics have shown that physical inactivity can lead to Type 2 diabetes and obesity. The CDC data states that physical inactivity is linked to where people live, how much money they earn, their culture and their family history.

     “I can relate to the fact of where [we] manage the time to have a physical activity. When I lived in Dallas, time was not much of consumed for working out since I had to spend most of my time working and at school. By the time I would get home, my exhaustion lead more to the time I spent driving than that of me doing my daily routine,” said sophomore Belinda Rebollar.

     Spring season is a time of climate change as well as closet clean-up time for many. That is the moment many consider the hard part of a change because during the cold weather season a couple of pounds were gained and the jean sizes from the previous year are no longer fitting. Appearance seems to relate importance not only to females but also to males. Many consider the physical ap­pearance as part of a lifestyle to fit in and not to be left out. For many it is the key to crush and find a happy heart.

     “Spring is the best season of the year. That’s really when I do most of my workouts. As a guy, I think that looking hot is what girls are looking for in a guy I wake up every morning and do my regular workouts at the gym and from then [on] begin my day. Without working out I can’t seem to make my day a good one because I’m already use to it,” said Francisco Garcia, sophomore.

     The CDC suggest that college students should avoid fatigue, improve eating habits be active, maintain mental health, have healthy relationships and avoid violence. Being healthy is part of being safe, anyone who believes they are struggling with a health issue should find help in ways of talking to someone they can trust, such as a parent, teacher, friend, or counselor. Helpful informa­tion can also be found on the CDC website at http://www.cdc.gov.

     “I stress everyday in managing my weight I consider it part of my life. I don’t exercise much because I don’t have the time, but what I do is avoid greasy foods and drink lots of water. That is what I’ve been doing for a couple of years. Sometimes I find it helpful to park far from any store, to find it as part of a physical activity to move around during the day and not only stay seated in the office,” said sophomore Vanessa Vega.

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