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Student Senate Freshman Elections postponed

By Julia Contarelli


Freshmen Elections for the Student Senate officers are postponed to Sept. 20th.

A motion made by Murphy Turner, an employee of the Center for Student Life & Involvement, asked for the postponing of the freshmen elections due to a lack of advertisement. He claimed that freshmen didn’t know about the elections, which was then planned to happen on Sept. 9th.

The details on how the motion was made include; Murphy attempting to do the motion, then being told that he was doing it wrong. He then asked how to properly execute it, and so he did it. After a moment of silence while people in the room looked around, still understanding what just happened, Caitlin Ibarra, Coordinator of Activities, interrupted the silence and tabled the motion.

Caitlin Ibarra responded to Murphy’s motion with, “We can talk about it later.” Murphy, not satisfied by that, said that the elections were next week, Ibarra then said, “We will talk about it after the meeting.”

“During the Student Speak last meeting, Murphy made a motion, although it was not properly seconded, supposedly somebody also made a motion to table it,” said Lauren Tyler, Director of Student Life. “Although, neither was done correctly.”

The motion was seconded by Rebecca Najera, the Verve Editor for The DrumBeat newspaper. Yet, this was tabled, postponed to be discussed. After the initial meeting, the question over what would be done was still in the air. The minutes over what happened did not include the motion made by Turner.

“Basically what we did to advertise, we talked to people at Ya-A-Te, very word-of-mouth, at Weeks of Welcome we had a booth also,” said Daniel Sequin, President of the Student Senate.

In the following meeting on Sept. 6, the subject wasn’t addressed other than the announcement of postponing the freshmen elections to the 20th. The motion was discussed behind the scenes and they decided that would be fair to the new students to postpone it.

“We did obviously take the students speak suggestion and postponed elections to allow freshmen the proper time to run for office,” said Tyler.

Now freshmen will have time to learn more about what the Student Senate is and how to get involved.

“We want students that are interested and qualify for the positions,” said Tyler.

The Student Senate meets Tuesdays at four in Jenkins 1109.

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