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Student Senate gives student body a voice on name change

Maya Gayler

Managing Editor

The idea of a name change has been talked about for a few months now.

The Board of Trustees is pushing for an official decision before Chancellor Dr. Micheal Metke retires.

Surveys have been conducted through Trellis Co., hired by Vice President of Marketing and Enrollment Services & Chief Communications Officer, Kimberly Lessner.

According to the survey, there were six focus groups. These groups were pulled from faculty/staff, alumni, prospective students and current students.

It is unclear how many current students actually responded and participated. Student Senate is trying to change that.

Student Senate made a Google form to be sent out to current students. It has been circulating since at least Feb. 14, 2019.

“We are hoping to present the data to the Board of Trustees,” said President of Student Senate Christian Marez.

They are trying to give the students a voice about an issue that is happening on campus right now. “We want to hear the students honest opinion,” said Marez.

Scan the QR code below to fill out the Google form. The opinion of the student matters.

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