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Student Senate moves online for meetings

 Photo by Madison Heiser

This fall semester to accommodate to COVID-19 restrictions, Student Senate meetings will be virtual through Zoom. The meetings will be held on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. through Zoom. Zoom meeting links will be on TJC’s OrgSync page. 

Student Senate is an organization on campus that oversees the student-led clubs and organizations at Tyler Junior College. Members represent the voice of the students, and students can attend meetings to voice their concerns as well as be representatives for their organizations.

For student organizations to be considered in good standing with the campus and continue their operations, they need to attend at least nine out of the 12 meetings for the semester. 

“We have 12 meetings scheduled this semester, because they’re weekly,” said Student Senate sponsor, Lauren Tyler. “Typically, organizations can miss two meetings, but we will allow a grace period for three meetings.”

Student Senate meetings use a structured format known as Robert’s Rules to run meetings in an organized manner. Since the meetings are held through Zoom, features on the site will be used heavily. The chat feature will be utilized to take attendance of organizations at the meeting, and the raised hands feature will be used to vote or carry a motion. 

Outside of attending Student Senate meetings, organizations would need to meet the requirements of going to committee meetings and or taking on community service hours. 

“We are looking at instead of so many committee hours or so many community service hours, we just want you to meet either or requirement. If it’s seven hours, either get that in committee or community service,” Tyler said. 

Committees take place outside of Student Senate meetings throughout the week and students both in organizations or students who have something to discuss are welcome to attend. Committees are led by Student Senate officers and they will be formed after elections to select an officer for that committee. 

Elections will be held on Sept. 15 – 16 through OrgSync. Students are encouraged to run by sending in a campaign video explaining their intent to run and winners will be announced through OrgSync. 

For more information on Student Senate, visit orgsync.tjc.edu/organization/student-senate.

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