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Students are forced out for the holidays

Some parents of dorm residents had to make financial plans for their sons and daughters to come home for the holidays.

On Dec. 12, all Tyler Junior College dorm residents have to be out of the dorm by noon due to school being closed for the Fall semester break.

Donald Moore, residential assistant of Holley Hall said students would have to talk to Residential Director on why they have not left if they aren’t gone by noon.

Residents will be able to reserve the same room next semester if they have already paid. If a resident has not paid in full for the Spring, they will need to check out before they leave for the semester break.Some students live in different cities, states, countries, and even continents.

Rainier Amankwah, resident of Holley Hall, is from Ghana, West Africa.

“For Christmas I have to go home and to go to Ghana. It will cost me $2,200. It is pressure on parents to have to come up with money,” said Rainier.

Jesse Camacho, also resident of Holley, lives in Luling, Texas, which is 45 minutes south of Austin.

“I have to catch a $250 plane ticket and that’s a lot just to be traveling a few hours across Texas and I don’t want a $50 bus ticket because its 10 hours to sit next to people I don’t know,” Camacho said.

Students who are not coming back next semester have to make sure that their belongings are out of the room.

“My mama’s pockets are most affected. Then she have to pay for the extra luggage,” said Camacho.

It may be cheaper for students to stay in the dorms during the semester break, however, athletic students who stay on the dorms are the only residents who have the choice to stay during the holidays.

Melody Huff, area coordinator of residential said that no other students but athletic students are allowed to stay in the dorms during the break with no exceptions.

“We inform the students at the beginning that they have to make arrangements to go home,” Huff said.

Residential directors of the athletic dorms have to stay with the athletic students do decide to stay during the holidays.

If students can’t go home some students even stay with friends for the holidays.

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