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Students better community by planting trees at TJC North Campus

TJC recently held an Arbor Day event at its North Campus in order to plant new trees and engage with the community. At the opening ceremony, volunteers and contributors were thanked for coming and instructed on how the events would proceed.
The event was held in collaboration with the Tyler Trees Committee and the University of Texas at Tyler. The event had a multitude of purposes. Beyond celebrating Arbor Day, it was held to encourage locals to keep the ecosystem healthy. Along with this, planting new trees helps the ecosystem recover from any trees that might have been lost to damage.

Volunteers were split into groups of 15 and each given shovels. Groups were then assigned to a specific spot to help dig a hole. Once the holes were dug, the trees were placed in and covered.
Volunteers were then treated to a free lunch held at the site.
According to Ken Wheeler, president of the Tyler Trees Committee, the committee hosts several tree plantings each year, at events such as this. The number of plantings they are allowed has grown each year. Wheeler said the efforts of the volunteers at the event helped make Lindale a “greater place to be.”

TJC is not the only campus hosting an event to commemorate Arbor Day. UT Tyler plans to hold an Arbor Day event on Feb. 15. The Tree Committee of Tyler hopes by holding these events, the communities of Tyler and Lindale can continue to keep the local ecosystem healthy for years to come.

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