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Students find ways to handle end of year stress

For students the arrivals of the holiday season brings one more event that doesn’t involve gifts or bright lights – finals.

Students this time of year are preparing for both the holidays and finals, creating stress for students.

“It affects my performance at school. Teachers give you so much work, and it makes it harder, but college is all about how much you can take”, sophomore Jermaine Stovall said.

Other students agreed.

“It is a lot on a student, getting gifts for your family, with everything wrapping up at school,” sophomore Holly Hooten said.

With everything coming to an end some students are trying to get all the information that they can before the end of the semester.

“You’re stuck trying to learn everything you can all at one time, and then you’re still focused on the upcoming holiday break,” said Chance Tutt, sophomore.

Not all students feel like there is any added stress during the holiday season.

“There aren’t any extra stresses during finals,” Maria Hernadez said, “I have taken care of all my work and I am not worried about my finals.”

Some students think that they know of a few good ways to avoid or get rid of the holiday and final blues. Students gave many different answers including one way to avoid the stress all together.

“I try to get lots of sleep,” said Latoya Jackson. “Cause when you are asleep you are completely stress free.”

“I try to go to the TJC recreation center and play pool as much as I can,” Durham said.

Other students feel like they just need a small break to get their mind off their troubles.

“I try to do at least one thing a day that has nothing to do with school or work,” Hooten said.

“I like to listen to jazz. It helps to calm me down and to focus,” Ahmon Allen said.

One student thinks that finals don’t have to be around the holidays at all.

“I think that if we started school a few weeks earlier and end a few weeks earlier then we would avoid some of the stress,” Tutt added.

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