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Students guided to university of choice

TJC is working to make transferring to a four-year school more convenient and as painless as possible with a new transfer center.

The old University Studies advising office, located in Jenkins Hall on the first floor, is now undergoing renovations to become the first transfer center at TJC.

The transfer center is an easy way students can apply to another institution without using a computer from home or having to travel miles away in order to apply to their school of choice. Advisors from various schools will instead come to the TJC campus.

“Advisors can help you apply and possibly start some advising with students upon enrollment,” Janna Chancey, executive director of Enrollment, said.

The advisors will be set on a block schedule to allow different schools to meet with students at certain times. A schedule will be posted to let students know which school is coming on which days. Some of the schools closer to the area may visit more often than others.

Advisors from different schools will be able to pick days they want to come and meet with TJC students. Advisers will set up stations in order to provide academic advising and application guidance.

“We will have laptops available if they wish to apply, and also there will be academic advisors to answer questions regarding core curriculum classes and degree advisement as well,” Sarah Bowdin, director of Admissions at UT-Tyler, said.

There will also be a lounge with a couch and a coffee table so that students have the opportunity to sit down and browse through catalogs from the different institutions and look at different DVDs on an LCD TV that will be placed in the center.

Books with tips regarding transferring to another school and a computer kiosk will also be provided for students who want to browse the universities’ Web sites.

There will be a student assistant, who is available to make appointments and answer questions.

The student assistant will also guide students to the right academic advisor for the school of interest.

“We are so anxious to get over there and help you,” Ramona Martin, associate director of Transfer and Non- traditional students at University of Louisiana at Monroe said.

To encourage students to consider the University of Louisiana at Monroe, they are offering an out- of- state tuition waiver for students who maintain a 2.5 GPA, has a full-time status, and no remedial courses for a savings of up to $3,000 per semester.

They will also be working with the students on core equivalent classes to see what will transfer.

Students can begin setting up appointments after Spring Break. For more information, please contact Jana Chancey at 903-510-3325 or at the Office of Admissions at 903-510-2200.

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